Social Security – Going Broke or Not?

Social Security: NOT Going Broke @cbsmoneywatch @jillonmoney A different outlook for your Soc Sec?

As much negative  information that’s flying around about Social Security, here’s an interview with Mark Miller who has a different perspective on what the financial status of  Social Security is today. I’m frankly wondering out loud if I’m being swept up in the media hype or if what I’m reading about the financial status of the program long term isn’t  true.

But, as Mr. Miller calmly mentions in this interview. the Baby Boomer wave was already figured into Social Security forecasts. I too find it very difficult to believe that the Federal government geeks somewhere in the last 65 years haven’t  forecasted for the Baby Boomer retirement tsunami. (Okay, for those of you out there saying that the Federal government geeks can’t even do a budget or properly forecast for potential saving from our new health care law, admittedly maybe I should be more skeptical. But, that being said…) 

Once more folks get back to work and we don’t have to (double) dip into the  Social Security Trust Fund, perhaps the stories about impending Social Security insolvency will abate.  The proof will be if their are steps that our Congress has to take over the next couple of years to keep Social Security comfortably solvent.

One thing I’ll tell you is for sure.  Our #1 sacred cow,  aka Social Security isn’t going on the grill anytime soon. That’s one thing that you can take to the bank.

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  1. […] minimum age at which you can retire and receive Social Security retirement benefits is now 62. If you retire at age 62, you will be eligible for reduced retirement […]

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