The Retirement Security Crisis in Black

The Retirement Security Crisis in Black America @SEIU Absolutely chillingly BAD stats!


2 Responses to The Retirement Security Crisis in Black


    In my experience most people don’t plan there retirement carefully. They just go with the flow. I think everybody should have a strategy. 73% of people say that financial situation is primary determinant for their retirement not age. this is pretty depressing.

    • William, I appreciate your comment. As you know the majority of Americans never get around to planning for retirement and when they do begin to plan, it’s often very close to the time when they want to retire!
      The more I learn about behavioral psychology as it applies to finances, the more I understand that ‘going with the flow’ and taking no action is completely ‘normal’. We as human beings are ‘wired’ to wait. -unless we sense danger. So, that makes the folks who do plan ‘abnormal’. Leaving us with the question of how to make more of us ‘go against’ our normal tendency to simply wait to plan until retirement is upon us.

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