Secrets About Financial Headlines

Have you ever wondered if the financial press is helpful or not? -NOT.

Folks, they’ve got us on a string. And, we are so predictable! We just keep on reading.

Take these two back to back headlines from the xyz!&8!! finance web site.

  • Yesterday’s (6/25/2012)  headline: Stock Market Finding a Bottom Again
  • Today’s ( 6/26/2012) headline: 4 Catalysts to Spark an S&P 500 Rally to 1,500

So, if your market sentiments weren’t out yesterday looking for the market’s lowest of the lows, today you can be out looking for the four things that are going to be driving the market higher. Now, are you feeling manic or depressive?

I say,  just step off the emotional roller coaster that we pay the press to put us on. Quit reading the daily financial headlines which are specifically crafted just to make us crazy.

Have a solid financial plan and stick to it. Psst! The market us up an average of 12 days EVERY month. And, the market is down an average of 8 days EVERY month. So, there are plenty of opportunities for both manic and depressive headlines each month.

Whew! Now, I feel better.

Jane Nowak, CFP® CDFA™ -MoneyGal 2020       

Securities offered through Triad Advisors, Inc. Member, FINRA/SIPC


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